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Are you needing a mortgage in the South Bend, Mishawaka, Granger, or surrounding areas? Are you buying a home in Indiana or refinancing a current mortgage for a lower interest rate? If you’re exploring home financing options for your house purchase or mortgage refinance in the South Bend area, then this is the site for you. Whether you’re goal is a low mortgage interest rate, flexible mortgage terms, or Indiana first time homebuyer benefits, we can help. To learn more about mortgage financing around South Bend or to get your free mortgage preapproval started immediately, just click the links on the top of this page. We look forward to helping with your South Bend mortgage financing experience.

The Home Financing Process

Home financing can be overwhelming. There is a lot of mortgage information out there, but what pieces do you really need? What mortgage questions should you be asking? And what do you do when the mortgage lender's answers leave you more confused than you were to start with?

Let me help. This website contains information and videos that will make the mortgage process easier for you when buying in the South Bend area. The videos address the mortgage questions that home buyers ask me over and over again, as well as the questions they SHOULD ask me. Give them a look, then give me a call. I look forward to helping you finance your new South Bend Indiana home!

Loan Officer Initial Contact

So you want to buy a home in the South Bend area? Great! Let's talk.

To help you figure out what mortgage options fit you best, I’m going to need to get some information from you. When we talk, you should be ready to answer the following questions for your mortgage preapproval:

1. What is your name, social security number, and birth date?
2. What is your current address and any additional addresses you have had in the last 2 years?
3. Where do you work currently and where else have you worked in the last 2 years?
4. What is your pre-tax income (hourly rate, salary, etc.)?
5. Where do you keep your bank or investment accounts and how much do you have in those accounts?
6. What price range do you have in mind, or what monthly payment are you comfortable with?
7. How much were you planning on investing in a down payment and where will that money be coming from?

Once you've gathered all this information, what's next?

Call me, text me, email me, send up smoke signals, I don’t care. Just connect with me in whatever way is easiest and best for you. Pick your preference – I’m ready to help you explore mortgage options.

Want to make this
preapproval process even faster?

Mortgage PreApproval

Fast Forward - You and I have now connected and you’ve given me all the information for your South Bend mortgage preapproval application. What’s next?

Once I have your mortgage preapproval application information, I’m going to put all the pieces of the puzzle together to see what we have. I’ll pull your credit report, compare your monthly bills to your income, look at your savings and decide what fits you.

Will some mortgage option definitely fit you?

Not always. Sometimes I review things and realize that you can't get a mortgage preapproval now. That stinks, but it’s better to know it, right? When that happens, I’ll go over the ‘why’ of it with you and help you build a plan to get yourself where you need to be for a home purchase down the road.

What if things look good? Are you ready then?

Don’t we wish! Nope, the mortgage process is pretty involved these days. I’m going to need a lot of paperwork from you. This will be things like your paystubs, W-2s, bank statements, yada yada. Don’t worry - I’ll give you an exact list of the ‘yada-yadas’ that’s just for you. Once I have those items and we’ve reviewed them to make sure they’re acceptable, then you get your much-desired mortgage preapproval letter.

Next Home Down Payment Assistance

What are the Pros and Cons of Next Home Down Payment Assistance?


•  4% down payment help for FHA loans and 3% for conventional loans covers entire down payment
•  Seller can cover closing costs and prepaid items up to 6% of the price for FHA (3% for conventional).This lets the FHA buyer often get into the home with no out of pocket cost other than the IHCDA enrollment fee and the earnest money. The conventional buyer typically needs some money invested (<$2,000 normally)
•  The mortgage program is not limited to first time homebuyers
•  No additional inspections are required beyond inspections required by the county


•  Down payment must be repaid if the property is sold or refinanced in the first 2 years after home purchase
•  Mortgage interest rate and closing costs may be higher than with other mortgage options
•  The program can only be used with 30 year fixed rate FHA or Conventional mortgages
•  First time homebuyers will need to complete an online homebuyer education course provided by IHCDA
•  IHCDA charges a one time enrollment fee of 0.125% to participants in the mortgage program

Find Out if You Qualify!

To find out if you qualify, apply online for your FREE PREAPPROVAL now! We’ll review your information quickly and let you know if Next Home is a fit for you!

What is Next Home?

Next Home is a down payment assistance program offered by Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority. It provides a mortgage with up to 4% of the price of the home in down payment assistance, essentially covering the entire required down payment for the eligible Indiana homebuyer.

What are the requirements to qualify for Next Home Down Payment Assistance?

This mortgage program is available to both first time and non-first time homebuyers who are buying a primary residence in Indiana. To qualify, the homebuyer’s credit score must be at least 650 and the household income can’t be above the maximum allowed for the household size and county. To see the current income limits per Indiana county, click here. Other restrictions may also apply.

Find Your Home

The Internet is Not Enough!

You’re probably looking at South Bend homes on-line, right? Heads up - the internet is not enough! If you’re serious about buying, talk to a Realtor. A Saint Joseph County Realtor knows South Bend/Michiana, the neighborhoods, the property taxes, the school systems, the home buying process, how to write a purchase agreement, how to negotiate repairs, and so so so much more. This is too big of a purchase to make it a ‘Do It Yourself’ project. Call in the professionals. Call in a licensed Realtor.

Don't know a Realtor?

Don’t worry! I know LOTS of great ones. I’ll gladly share Realtor options with you for South Bend or any of the surrounding areas.

Mortgage Loan Approval Process

They Accepted Your Offer – Now What??

Hip hip hooray! You’ve made an offer on a South Bend home and the seller accepted it. Now the fun really begins as we work out all the details that need attention to get your mortgage fully approved.

There are several steps that we need to take, from nailing down the type of mortgage you’re getting to getting the insurance on your home in place. Don’t worry about all the home loan steps, though; I’ll walk you through them one by one.

For now, just celebrate your good news – you’re buying a home!

Closing On Your Home

You’ve done it! Finish line. Through the ups and downs, highs and lows, you’ve made it to closing day. Just like from day one, you won’t be taking this step alone. Your Realtor and I will be with you right through the mortgage closing to make sure everything goes smoothly and easily for you.

If you think that’s the end of it though, think again! From our initial contact to now, I’m going to be giving my all to build a relationship with you that goes beyond this one mortgage loan. I want to be your mortgage lender for every home you buy for the rest of your life. I want to be the mortgage lender for your brother, your sister, your kids, your friends – basically, I hope to convert you into a raving fan.

What does a raving fan look like, you ask? Great question. Check out the comments below…

Still Wanting More?

So, you’re one of those insatiable people who can’t get enough mortgage information, huh? Sweet. I like people like that. If you’re still wanting to learn more about specific pieces of the mortgage preapproval process in and around South Bend, I’ve got you covered. Check out the South Bend Home Loan YouTube page. It contains additional mortgage videos by me and by some other phenomenal South Bend real estate industry leaders. Enjoy!

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